About Us

VANCOR focuses on technologies dealing with innovations in the field of energy recovery, in the area of photovoltaic (the entire value cycle of innovative solar modules), and alternative forms of propulsion for the automobile industry. The development and marketing of these unique innovations and their global launch is the ambitious goal of the VANCOR group.

That makes VANCOR:

  • VANCOR is active in the development and commercialisation of new technologies and system solutions, which they accompany from the idea to the industrial production.
  • The Company with its subcontractors is active in important new core markets of photovoltaics and offers its products and services worldwide.
  • The Company offers future-oriented solar farms as well as technologies and know-how for developing innovative turnkey solar module production sites, which are characterised by extremely cost-effective manufacturing costs.

Tailored system solutions and support for planning work are integrated. The engineers and technicians of VANCOR have years of experience in the implementation of new technologies, which are required for use in industrial and environmental processes.

That is VANCOR:

Operationally, the VANCOR holding is divided into four subcontractors and also cooperates with well known, private research institutions and leading universities.

Z-Institute AG

Z-Institute AG seeks, develops and promotes innovative products in the field of drive technology and other trend-setting products. The goal here is to produce and to market them. Its main aim among others is the innovative electrically based drive. www.z-institute.ch

MBL Solutions Srl

MBL Solutions Srl

MBL Solutions Srl operates in research, production and sales of automation technology for industrial machine and equipment engineering. Additionally, the company offers solutions for innovation of individual process steps up to complete production lines. The focus is on the automation of production lines for the manufacture of photovoltaic modules of the newest generation, developed along with the VANCOR engineers. www.mblsolutions.it

Suisse Solar AG

Suisse Solar AG

Suisse Solar AG consists of a team of specialists that performs a complete consultancy service in the context of conceptual design, planning, construction management and operation of photovoltaic power plants and turnkey solar module production. As a general contractor Suisse Solar AG assumes not only the operation and maintenance, but also the comprehensive service for general revenue protection and plant optimisation.

Suisse Laboratories AG

Suisse Laboratories AG

Suisse Laboratories AG acquired exclusively for VANCOR new developments, evaluates the technology and after analysis promotes the market opportunities and promising future-oriented products. Suisse Laboratories promotes technical innovation through intensive research and development with the objective to strengthen the portfolio of VANCOR and make it sustainable. www.suisselaboratories.com

Our Team

Chairman of the Board, CEO

                                                          is the founder and CEO of VANCOR. He has a degree in business administration and was a successful Formula 3 professional racer, with the career peak in 2002 as a test driver of the Formula 1. The resulting network ensures the company access to high-tech engineers from the racing area.


Giacomo Carcangiu

Managing Director, CTO

Giacomo Carcangiu is the CTO and the technical director of VANCOR. He looks back on decades of experience in the field of photovoltaics and systems for energy storage. He is also inventor and patent holder of several high profile technologies in the fields of photovoltaics and hybrid solutions for the automotive industry. Also, he works in cooperation with Polytechnikum, a parapublic technical university in Milan, and the University of Florence, on further innovations.


Dr. Ignaz Pörnbacher

Technical Advisory Board

Dr. Ignaz Pörnbacher has a degree in Law and Economics and is a Professor of Economics. He is one of the most important initiators in the environmental policy in South Tyrol, one of Europe's leading regions in the field of renewable energy. As a pioneer in the development of green energy, he was one of the main responsible persons for the implementation of photovoltaics and biomass in Italy at the end of the 80s.


Hans Johann Dendl

Technical Advisory Board

After graduating from the Polytechnic College, Hans Johann Dendl graduated with the Master of Science at MIT in Massachusetts. After his engineering career in the aerospace and electrical engineering industries, he held various directorships at renowned German insurance companies. Through his extraordinary merits, he was awarded the great Federal Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.



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    The complete value chain

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  • Direktantrieb Fahrrad

    Innovative electric drives

    Direct drive bike

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  • Direktantrieb KFZ

    Innovative electric drives

    Direct drive car

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  • LED


    Lighting systems for the most different applications

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The complete value chain

The solar division, combined under the Suisse Solar, is based on a three pillar concept and in the long run in a more robust position than many other solar companies. Through this strategy substantial savings in production and handling costs are possible. The entire value chain, from production through the operation of solar parks, to the recycling of the modules is possible as a complete solution. In warmer regions of the Earth, such an economic operation is possible. The highest growth rates in the solar category are forecast for these markets. According to a recent report of the European industry association for photovoltaics (EPIA), the global annual capacity will be increased from currently 149 gigawatts to 423 gigawatts in 2017.


Solar modules of the latest generation from SUISSE SOLAR

SUMO Hot Desert PV Panel

The technology for this is a derivative from the space technology. Since May 2010, pre-production modules have been established in many solar parks in Italy and in desert regions. The results here obtained exceed the expectations and leave the products of competitors far behind. The solar modules are patented and certified by TÜV.

Application areas:
The SUMO modules use a unique technology, which ensures that high performance can be achieved through cell cooling at extreme operating temperatures.

  • Unique cell cooling process by using cooling gel
  • Productivity Increased by up to 35%
  • Loss-free functionality in deserts and saline areas
  • Extend life by up to 50 years
  • Improved architecture design
  • Improve productivity per square metre
  • No risk of damage through the installation
  • Optimum use of space
  • New cooling gel cell protection
  • Glass-glass, without EVA, mono-crystalline
  • 99% recyclable
  • Lightweight, can be installed by one person (< 10kg)

Turnkey innovative solar module production facility

(for example, SUMO module)

The engineers and technicians of Suisse Solar AG have years of experience in the development of new technologies, which are for use in industrial and environmental processes. This, accumulated wealth of experience is the foundation for the designers who work in our Research and Development Centre and on numerous projects all over the world. They deliver complete plants, adapted to the individual requirements of the customers.

Suisse Solar's production lines are fully supported by process technology, spare parts, training, installation, extended equipment warranty and optional service contracts. Included is full education and training in the process and process engineering, installation, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. The Suisse Solar customer support centre maintains ongoing business relationships with their customers and offers a worldwide customer service with a quick response time.

Solar parks

As a general contractor, Suisse Solar offers solutions for photovoltaic systems of the new generation. For ground-mounted systems, Suisse Solar also offers tracking systems and specific inverters, that meet the highest standard of solar energy installations with photovoltaic and concentration cell technology. Our portfolio offers successful ground-mounted systems, planning, support and power distribution as well as industrial automation, engineering and information technology.

The innovative Solar Park solutions

  • are highly resistant to extreme temperatures and function properly in salty, humid areas and deserts
  • have annually approximately 35% more compared to standard performance of a Solar Park
  • optimise and promote agricultural land with a part shading system
  • have a prolonged life of more than 50 years
  • have an integrated alarm system, which adjusts the solar module to the optimum angle to provide no surface for wind and storms



Innovative electric drives

Direct drive bike

The E-bike drive (SL1) going by the name bimoz coming soon is also an innovation by the Z-Institute. The advantage of this technology: It can be installed into any existing bike. Thus, a large market in the already highly successful segment of E-bikes and Pedelecs world opens up.

The unique riding experience (mountain feeling) is only one argument for the bimoz. Its absolute lightweight is a revolution. While conventional E-bikes stand out (negatively) in particular due to their high weight (at least up to 40 kg), the bimoz is only 1.97 kg (incl. battery), an absolute light weight on the road. The direct drive motor as a design is installed directly in the pedal. This can be installed in a few minutes by the retailer. The dealer is also the main target group for this product, because good margins are achievable.

  • Direct drive: No gears, belts or clutches between the driver and the main drive sprocket
  • Toothed belt drive: No maintenance - high performance
  • Low component count: Less weight, less cost, easy to install
  • Low costs - good margins
  • Compatible with all dérailleur systems - perfect use of the motor torque
  • On-board computer with various training courses

Innovative electric drives

Direct drive car

Even if the implementation of electric vehicles has not yet been realised for a variety of reasons, the experts agree: Electric mobility belongs to the future. For the market acceptance of electrical engineering, an important factor is the performance and range.

Market shares are now being allocated
The Z-Institute AG has developed a pioneering direct driven motor through VANCOR. This is characterised by its energy saving and extremely powerful character (1,200 Nm). Attached to all four wheels it delivers more than enough power when torque is required. The special, patented 3-stage concept allows this feat using super capacitors. Through a special technique the engine behaves as a generator when braking and recharges the capacitors, and up to 90% of the energy that is normally lost as heat energy is won back. The direct drive is the best possible step in the next generation of vehicles for pure electric cars, as well as for the hybrid.


Lighting systems for the most different applications

LED is the light of the future. The benefits offered by the Suisse Laboratories LED complete solutions such as durability, energy saving and also light output have pushed out conventional lighting from the market.

Suisse laboratories offers a complete program that really covers all areas of application, from the children's room light to the lighting of the stadium, including planning and guidance for municipalities, landscaping and road planners, object designers and builders.



  • Via the development centre of MBL Solutions Srl in Italy VANCOR provides products and integrated services worldwide, from design and production of single machines, to the development of production lines for the production of photovoltaic solar modules. Thanks to our expertise we can offer our customer free customised solutions according to their wishes. We offer a high level of performance and automation. As a result of a strict selection of components and know-how in production processes, VANCOR can guarantee quality and reliability for each product.

    The result of out expert centre are advanced robots and products for automation technology, with a large selection of innovative and advanced solutions for the continued support of our customers. This includes the optimisation of industrial productivity, increase energy efficiency and all the challenges of economic development and the environment.

    Thanks to the successes reached in the solar panel production lines by integrating Motoman Yaskawa Robots, our development centre was named in 2007 the "official YASKAWA System Integrator". This result could be achieved due to the constant search for innovations and innovative technologies for our processing plants.

  • Creativity is the foundation of our business and that of the development centre, which is in the closest cooperation with leading universities and global corporations, in order to continuously find innovative solutions. Our Research and Development Centre focuses on the development of new technologies for industrial and environmental processes. Our activities in the field of product development take into account the global challenges of lack of raw materials, energy efficiency, and of responsible action towards our environment.

    We are in the final stages of the following projects:

    • Innovative photovoltaic systems with a higher cell efficiency
    • New energy storage system
    • New LED system
    • New direct drives for vehicles

    We cooperate with renowned, private research institutions and leading universities.